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Orthopedic Surgeon Salary – An Attractive Reason to Start a Career

Orthopaedic surgeons are the 2nd highest paid medical professionals in the United States. Thus, they command rather high salaries among physicians. Every year the income of an average orthopaedic surgeon grows rapidly and this influences the choice of a profession among young people.

Orthopedic surgeon salary results are mainly based on surveys and his/her web publicity. There are also locum positions for surgeons, when the pay scale is pegged to the average income. The salary is adjusted by the difference in local standards of living.

What Is The Current Orthopedic Surgeon Salary?

The task of an orthopaedic surgeon is to perform surgery on the musculoskeletal system of a patient after examination and diagnoses. There can be used various methods of treatment: both surgical and not. These methods are primarily used in dealing with broken bones and fractures, various injuries and diseases, infections and traumas.

So how much does an orthopaedic surgeon get for his job? Orthopedic surgeon salary varies between $ 171,470 and $ 374,020. Popular industries that hire surgeons are mostly different healthcare institutes, where a professional gets $ 150,000 – $298,480.

Hospital salaries do not differ greatly – $149,730 – $298,770. Various medical salaries pay up to $300,200, while for orthopedic units the highest salary is $ 305,900 and the lowest – $159,40.

If an orthopaedic surgeon works at special surgery centers, his salary is higher and ranges from $160,800 to 314,780. The US Federal Government pays from $ 103,400 to $264,000. The lowest salaries are got by those orthopedic surgeons, who work for local or state governments – from $33,000 to $ 250,000. Orthopedic surgeon salary in private firms and practices can range from $202,270 up to $400,000.

Speaking about hourly wages, it is to be pointed out that they usually range from $26,00 to $204,50. In this case much depends on years of experience and the size of the industry.

Orthopedic surgeon salary is based on the medical degree:

    • Degree in medicine – $ 155,485 – $351,650;
    • Board certified surgeon -$ $252,000 – $493,550.


The years of experience:

    • Less than one year – $66,150 – $312,300;
    • From 1 to 4 years – $109,980 – $305,630;
    • From 5 to 9 years – $197,150 – $356,700;
    • From 10 to 1 years – $191,230 – $386,850;
    • From 20 years – $ 213, 660 – $419,200.


An orthopaedic surgeon, who has been employed as:

    • a resident worker earns from $ 43,900 to $54,380;
    • a doctor or physician – $81, 230 – $183,450;
    • internal medicine – $112, 900 – $173,680.


According to the geographical location, orthopedic surgeon salary varies:

    • New York: $175,000 – $295,000;
    • Los Angeles: $150,000 – $460,000;
    • Chicago: $198,670 – $355,000;
    • Boston: $78,600 – $355,500;
    • Houston: $152,400 – $407,980;
    • Atlanta: $167,000 – $395,000;
    • Pittsburg: $213,500 – $562,800.


Orthopedic Job Description

An OS treats skeletal and muscle problems including congenital deformities, arthritis, traumas and injuries.

They usually perform spinal and back surgeries, repair bones fractures and replace joints. A surgeon is, as a rule, in charge of the whole orthopedic department (nurses, assistants and technicians). They assign staff to duties and various surgeries, making sure that everyone is taking his/her part in helping to operate smoothly.

An OS should be able to conduct a surgery independently. As this profession is very stressful, it requires rather high responsibility and self control, quick reaction and the ability to keep everything under control. A person is to possess dexterity to concentrate on each specific task being done.


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